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erwin GeheimRat, 2009-12-19 02:51:46
fuer alles dieses Jahrtausend betreffende. 2k als in Suedafrika um 2000 herum verwendetes Synonym fuer die Epoche des Jahrtausends 2.
dubious, 2013-08-06 05:49:58
this is stupid
2k... what is special? so there must also be a 1k and even below because history starts not with the 20th century and some people may also like sites with historical stuff also 2k would be for all sites in 1000 years, this is stupid and makes no sence if a date related domain should exist it may should be non a monthly or yearly basis or if it is toomuch of work maybe on the decade basis, but not longer then that
King, 2016-08-06 14:28:22
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