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 Sealand - .ps

sarexpert, 2013-06-25 07:37:56
Sealand - .ps
Principality of Sealand in "the Channel" about 30 citizens. Continuous sovereign state for almost 50 years. Survived coup, invasion and disaster. http://sealandgov.com
dubious, 2013-08-06 08:42:19
keep up people
i hope you will get your domain stay your ground ;)
27, 2015-04-19 06:07:53
Recently, I have been doing a research project on constructed languages, Antarctica, and micronations. One of the ones I particularly noticed was this interesting micronation called "Sealand," since it was one of the only offshore platform micronations that were still in existence. Later, I do research on DNS servers, eventually ending up at this site, originally coming from opennic.org. I looked to see if this site might happen to have any micronations, since I like them a lot. And then..... what? Huh? HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE?!?!?!?! I see Sealand right in the "Propose New Nation" page. For some strange reason my projects always seem to interconnect.......... I really do hope you get that domain! How recently did I see this? Well, I believe I opened you're website, which, by the way, is sealandgov.org, and not sealandgov.com, either today or yesterday. I still have it open, too, but I have not viewed it in this instance in opening Firefox, so it is unloaded. Do you think that spelling error is why you didn't get the domain? Maybe whoever excepts these proposals tried to go to it. It IS a broken link. For this reason, I suggest that anyone who verify's that this nation exists goes to sealandgov.org. That is probably why this thread has been silent for so long!
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