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 London Uyghur Ensemble

Rafi, 2009-12-17 19:37:41
uyghurensemble.co.uk -> www.uyghurensemble.uu
Configure your Computer and access this web pabe via: www.uyghurensemble.uu
uyghur, 2009-12-07 00:22:12
London Uyghur Ensemble
http://www.uyghurensemble.co.uk Uyghur,Uighur, The London Uyghur Ensemble is a Uyghur Diaspora performing group based in London, UK; members are originally from East Turkistan (Uyghuristan, Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, Northwest China) working with a few English musicians. We perform Uyghur folk music, song & dance.
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