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 Establish legal title of use

abssorb, 2013-03-26 11:56:17
Establish legal title of use
It's very easy to register a domain here, which is great. With OpenNIC based services though there are a lot of terms and conditions which establish "ownership" of the domain. If I start to use the domain I registered at new-nations.net for an important and permanent web site, how can I be sure someone can't take the domain away from me in the future?
dubious, 2013-08-06 09:12:04
a philosophical question
how sure was this megaupload dot.com guy with his .com domain? how sure was the torrent-finder.com project before they were forced to use .info? you never can be sure, if the nsa likes your site they just take it and spend you a gitmo ticked, how can any one be sure about any thing?
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