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Launch of web sites.

The 3 ways to launch your web site on New-Nations:

  • via existing Internet adress (e.g.  bo.wikipedia.org = wikipedia.ti)
  • via IP-adress of the web server (e.g. = wikipedia.ti)
  • manage your domain via your own name server, i.e. configure your own name server, such as knot-resolver for GNU/Linux.

"Proxy" = CNAME-record

The Content of an existing web site is proxyfied via the New-Nations address using a redirection URL like RT.com or bo.wikipedia.org

"IP adress" = A-record

The New-Nations address directs directly to the IP address of your web-site webserver. This method is preferred over the "proxy" method because it is more "direct". But sometimes a long URL (via method 1: "Proxy") will serve your purpose better, if pointing to a specific sub-landingpage.

"Name server" = NS-record

If you do have an own name server you may manage your New-Nations domains with it. Then you can control all those DNS records, which you cannot alter on this New Nations' DNS server. There are various free DNS providers out there who offer more DNS records than New Nations does, but NN is quick and simple.


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