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Discussion [zh] 讨论 mj Edit
Join [zh] 加入 mj Edit
(+) add New Nation [zh] (+) 添加新国家 mj Edit
Tutorials [zh] 教程 mj Edit
What it's all about [zh] 这是怎么一回事 mj Edit
Propose new TLD's [zh] 提议新的顶级域名 mj Edit
Discuss the nature of National TLD's [zh] 讨论国家顶级域名的性质 mj Edit
Home [zh] 主页 mj Edit
Configure your Webbrowser >> [zh] 配置您的网页浏览器>> mj Edit
About New-Nations [zh] 关于新型联合国 mj Edit
Add New Tread [zh] 增加新一条讨论话题 mj Edit
All Treads [zh] 所有讨论话题 mj Edit
Join New-Nations [zh] 加入新型联合国 mj Edit
This Function is momentarily disabled [zh] 这项功能暂时禁用 mj Edit
404 Not Found [zh] 404 未找到 mj Edit
The Document you requested does not exist. [zh] 您要求的文件不存在。 mj Edit
Create [zh] 创建 mj Edit
Check Domainname [zh] 检查域名 mj Edit
Domainname [zh] 域名 mj Edit
Status [zh] 状态 mj Edit
Search Address [zh] 搜索地址 mj Edit
Create Free Account
[zh] 注册    创建账户 mj Edit
Finished [zh] 完成的 mj Edit
Nameserver [zh] 域名服务器 mj Edit
Configuration options [zh] 配置选项 mj Edit
Park Address [zh] 冻结的地址 mj Edit
Search New-Nations [zh] 在新型联合国内搜索 mj Edit
>> [zh] >> mj Edit
Login or create a free user account [zh] 登录或创建一个免费的用户帐户 mj Edit
Forgot Password >> [zh] 忘记密码>> mj Edit
Message [zh] 消息 mj Edit
Community Translations [zh] 社区翻译 mj Edit
Translate Web Interface [zh] 翻译网络接口 mj Edit
Translated Messages [zh] 翻译过的消息 mj Edit
Translate Pages [zh] 翻译网页 mj Edit
Add new Language [zh] 添加新的语言 mj Edit
Synchronize Languages [zh] 同步语言 mj Edit
Add a New Language [zh] 添加一种新语言 mj Edit
The following Languages already exist [zh] 下面的语言已经存在 mj Edit
Add Language [zh] 添加语言 mj Edit
Your Translations [zh] 你的翻译 mj Edit
Translation [zh] 翻译 mj Edit
Language [zh] 语言 mj Edit
Untranslated Pages [zh] 未翻译页 mj Edit
List of translated Messages [zh] 翻译过的消息列表 mj Edit
User [zh] 用户 mj Edit
Page not found! [zh] 网页未找到! mj Edit
Translate this document into %1% [zh] 将这份文件翻译成%1% mj Edit
Which of the existing Versions would you like to take as Draft? [zh] 现有的版本中,您想选择哪个作为底稿? mj Edit
None [zh] mj Edit
Files & Images [zh] 文件和图片 mj Edit
Upload new File [zh] 上传新的文件 mj Edit
Cancel [zh] 取消 mj Edit
Save [zh] 保存 mj Edit
(+) add Page [zh] (+)添加页面 mj Edit
Page does not exist. [zh] 页面不存在。 mj Edit
Create Page [zh] 创建页面 mj Edit
Unfortunately this document doesn't exist in %1%. [zh] 不幸地是这份文件不存在于%1%. mj Edit
The page exists in the following Languages [zh] 该网页存在于以下语言 mj Edit
Create New User Account [zh] 创建新用户帐户 mj Edit
Security Code [zh] 安全码 mj Edit
* Help Translate [zh] * 帮助翻译 mj Edit
Userprofile %name% [zh] 用户配置文件%name% mj Edit
Surf the extended Internet >> [zh] 在扩展的因特网领域内浏览 mj Edit
%tld% Tags [zh] %tld% 标签 mj Edit
%tld% Top Rated [zh] %tld% 最热门 mj Edit
%tld% related sites [zh] %tld% 相关网站 mj Edit
Search %tld% Internet [zh] 搜索 %tld%因特网 mj Edit
Register your %tld% domain (free & easy) [zh] 注册您的%tld%域名(免费并简单) mj Edit
%tld% %tag% [zh] %tld% %tag% mj Edit
%tld% %tagname% [zh] %tld% %tagname% mj Edit
Extend your Internet! [zh] 扩展您的因特网! mj Edit
Firefox plugin [zh] 火狐插件 mj Edit
New Message [zh] 新消息 mj Edit
Search in: [zh] 搜索: mj Edit
Found %number% results for [zh] 找到%number%结果 mj Edit
Search %tld% [zh] 搜索%tld% mj Edit
Search options [zh] 搜索选项 mj Edit
Draft: [zh] 草案 mj Edit
Blank [zh] 空白 mj Edit
New Translations [zh] 新的翻译 mj Edit
Untranslated Tags [zh] 未翻译的标签 mj Edit
Translate Tags [zh] 翻译标签 mj Edit
Translated Tags [zh] 翻译过的标签 mj Edit
configure [zh] 配置 mj Edit
Edit tag [zh] 编辑标签 mj Edit
Translate tag [zh] 翻译标签 mj Edit
This tag in other languages [zh] 该标签用其他语言表示 mj Edit
%language%: %tag% [zh] %language%: %tag% mj Edit
Create a new tag [zh] 创建一个新标签 mj Edit
Tags [zh] 标签 mj Edit
(+) Add Tag [zh] (+) 添加标签 mj Edit
more >> [zh] 更多   mj Edit
Manage tags for %screen% [zh] 管理标签%screen% mj Edit
The URL must be a subsite of %domain% [zh] 该网址必须是%domain%的子域 mj Edit
Unfortunately this domain is already registered. [zh] 可惜此域名已经被注册。 mj Edit
Screenshot will be taken in some minutes [zh] 截图将在几分钟内完成 mj Edit
(x) [zh] (x) mj Edit
Registered %date% by %user% [zh] 已注册%date%由%user% mj Edit
Tags: [zh] 标签 mj Edit
(+) create new tag [zh] (+) 创建新标签 mj Edit
(+) Add new sub-site [zh] (+) 增添新子域 mj Edit
write new message [zh] 写新消息 mj Edit
%tld% recently registered [zh] %tld%最近注册 mj Edit
%domain% is managed by your own nameservers [zh] %domain% 由你自己域名服务器管理 mj Edit
Show domains [zh] 显示域 mj Edit
%domain% by proxy (quick & easy) [zh] %domain%通过代理(快捷和方便) mj Edit
Add new sub-site for %domain% [zh] 为%domain%添加新的子站点 mj Edit
Fill in an URL of the site %domain%, as a subcategory of your site. The system will add a screenshot of this URL. [zh] 填写网址%domain%, 作为您网站的子站。该系统将增加这个网址的屏幕截图。 mj Edit
New Sites [zh] 新网站 mj Edit
%domain% uses the following nameservers [zh] %domain%使用下面的域名服务器 mj Edit
Parked domains expire after two weeks. [zh] 域名停放两周后过期。 mj Edit
It may take up to 5 minutes until your configuration becomes active [zh] 您的配置启动可能需要5分钟 mj Edit
Park %domain%. (This will delete all previous configurations!) [zh] 停放%domain%. (这将删除以前所有的配置!) mj Edit
Configure [zh] 配置 mj Edit
Extended search [zh] 扩展搜索 mj Edit
No votes yet [zh] 尚未投票 mj Edit
Edit [zh] 编辑 mj Edit
Translate [zh] 翻译 mj Edit
Search [zh] 搜索 mj Edit
<< Back [zh] <<返回 mj Edit
User Area [zh] 用户区 mj Edit
My domains [zh] 我的域名 mj Edit
Register it for free >> [zh] 免费注册>> mj Edit
Title [zh] 标题 mj Edit
Title of the web page [zh] 网页标题 mj Edit
%img% take new screenshot [zh] %img%获取新的截图 mj Edit
Edit >> [zh] 编辑>> mj Edit
%domain% is proxyfied %info% to: %address% [zh] %domain%代理%info%到:%address% mj Edit
%domain% is parked for %user%. [zh] %domain%为%user%停放。 mj Edit
Configure >> [zh] 配置>> mj Edit
Logout [zh] 注销 mj Edit
Login [zh] 登陆 mj Edit
About NN [zh] 关于新型联合国 mj Edit
Allowed file types are %filetypes% [zh] 允许的文件类型为%filetypes% mj Edit
checking... please wait [zh] 检查中...请稍候 mj Edit
Error: You need to turn on javascript in your web browser to enable the checking. [zh] 错误:您需要启用您网络浏览器的JavaScript功能以便查看。 mj Edit
Your computer has successfully been configured for New Nations. [zh] 您的计算机已成功地为新型联合国配置。 mj Edit
Your system is not configured for New Nations. [zh] 您的系统没有为新型联合国配置。 mj Edit
Configure your computer >> [zh] 配置您的电脑>> mj Edit
Enter IP Address (e.g. %domain% = ) [zh] 输入IP地址(比如%domain% = mj Edit
Edit sub-site for %domain% [zh] 为%域%编辑子域 mj Edit
Check Domain Name [zh] 检查域名 mj Edit
(e.g. %domain% managed by nameserver OR ns.nicnet.net) [zh] (例如%domain%由域名服务器123.213.14.105或ns.nicnet.net管理) mj Edit
Enter existing website (e.g. %domain% = www.example.com) [zh] 进入现有的网站(比如%domain% = www.example.com) mj Edit
%New Nations% - %pagetitle% [zh] %New Nations% - %pagetitle% mj Edit
New Nations [zh] 新型联合国 mj Edit
You already voted for this. [zh] 您已投票。 mj Edit
Submit [zh] 提交 mj Edit
Rating %rating% of %votes% votes [zh] 评价%rating%的%votes%票数 mj Edit
%domain% to IP Address (address of your web server) [zh] %domain%到IP地址(您的网络服务器地址) mj Edit
Social Bookmarks [zh] 社交网站书签 mj Edit
User %username% [zh] 用户%username% mj Edit
Send %username% a message [zh] 发送%username%一条信息 mj Edit
Domains registered by %username% [zh] 用户%username% mj Edit
Contact %username% [zh] 发送%username%一条信息 mj Edit
From: %username%, %date% [zh] 来自:%username%, %date% mj Edit
To: %username%, %date% [zh] 到:%username%, %date% mj Edit
From %username% [zh] 来自%username% mj Edit
To %username% [zh] 到%username% mj Edit
Write Message to %username% [zh] 写消息给%username% mj Edit
No Messages yet [zh] 还没有消息 mj Edit
all [zh] 所有 mj Edit
Are you sure? [zh] 你确定吗? mj Edit
Check Computer Configuration [zh] 检查电脑配置 mj Edit
No domains registered at the moment. [zh] 目前暂无域名登记。 mj Edit
Delete [zh] 删除 mj Edit
Add tag [zh] 添加标签 mj Edit
%domainname% is still available. [zh] %domainname%仍可用。 mj Edit
Send [zh] 发送 mj Edit
Outbox [zh] 发件箱 mj Edit
Reply [zh] 回复 mj Edit
Collapse [zh] 崩溃 mj Edit
Inbox [zh] 收信箱 mj Edit
My Domains [zh] 我的域名 mj Edit
My profile [zh] 我的个人资料 mj Edit
%domain% is hosted on: %host% [zh] %domain%设于:%host% mj Edit
Register your %tld% domain [zh] 注册你的%tld%域 mj Edit
The domain name %domainname% is invalid. [zh] 域名%domainname%是无效的。 mj Edit
The domain name contains a forbidden character [zh] 该域名包含一个被禁止的字符 mj Edit
A domain name must contain at least 2 characters. Allowed characters are: letters a-z, all numbers, "-" [zh] 一个域名必须包含至少2个字符。允许的字符为:字母a到z,所有的数字,“ - ” mj Edit
Check another %tld% domain [zh] 检查另外%tld%域名 mj Edit
Register your domain [zh] 注册你的域名 mj Edit
%icon% Firefox search addon %image% [zh] %icon%火狐搜索插件%image% mj Edit
Your entry was empty. [zh] 您输入为空。 mj Edit
It may take up to 5 minutes until the domain is accessible. [zh] 链接到该域需要5分钟。 mj Edit
Translate Message [zh] 翻译消息 mj Edit
Latest Comments [zh] 最新评论 mj Edit
%tld% for %newnation% [zh] %tld%为%newnation% mj Edit
Tibet [zh] 西藏 mj Edit
Tamil Eelam [zh] 泰米尔猛虎组织 mj Edit
Uigur People [zh] 维吾尔人 mj Edit
%tld% Internet for %newnation% [zh] %tld%因特网域名%newnation% mj Edit
You translated %1% messages. [zh] 您翻译了%1%的邮件。 sisi001 Edit
%1% messages have been translated to %language% [zh] %1%的邮件已被翻译为%language% sisi001 Edit
List of untranslated messages [zh] 未翻译的邮件列表 sisi001 Edit
There are %1% untranslated messages for %language% [zh] %language%有1条未翻译的消息 sisi001 Edit
You translated %1% messages [zh] 您翻译了%1%的邮件 sisi001 Edit
URL of which screenshot is taken from. [zh] 抓取这个URL的快照 sisi001 Edit
Add New Category [zh] 添加一个新标签 sisi001 Edit
New Nations opens a new dimension of the Internet >> [zh] 新型联合国开启了互联网的新领域 sisi001 Edit
Username [zh] 用户名 sisi001 Edit
Password [zh] 密码 sisi001 Edit
Password again [zh] 再次输入密码 sisi001 Edit
Remember [zh] 记住 sisi001 Edit
Email [zh] 邮件 sisi001 Edit
sign in [zh] 注册 sisi001 Edit
An error occured [zh] 发生了一个错误 sisi001 Edit
Kurdish People [zh] 库尔德人民 sisi001 Edit